Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Not A Trout

I am not a trout, to be played until I'm weary, then cut loose, with a scarred lip to remember you by.

I am not a trout.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Psychopathy Test

A psychopathy test,
Multiple choice,
When in doubt
Tick C.
I was never
In doubt.

Parkstreet - take a listen to some new flute recordings.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Like An Ex Girlfriend.

I really wanted those shoes, a plaid pattern, just like Rupert Bear's trousers. There is nothing cooler than Rupert Bear's trousers. 

The only pair near my size were half a size too small, I was leaving town the next day, I convinced myself they would stretch, handed over the cash. Of course they've never fitted properly, hurt my feet, make my knees ache. Occasionally I spy them in the cupboard, so cool, nearly as cool as Rupert Bear's trousers, have to lace them up and step out in them. An hour later I hate myself for it. 

It was a mistake to buy those shoes, no matter how cool they are. I love them, they hate me. I need to let them go, like an ex girlfriend. 


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cosmic Prefix Problem.

Now that all the evidence points to the idea that we live in a multiverse, that our universe is one of many, the prefix uni is no longer apt. Changing the prefix uni to the prefix per would explain everything.



Douglas Adams, in his Hitchhiker's Guide series, depicted a machine that gave an individual a complete sense of perspective about his or her place in the universe. Naturally it drove people mad, the human ego is not well equipped for honest perspective.

His point was that a sense of perspective is the last thing we need. We'd never get anything done if we kept in mind just how unimportant and small we are. Given the certainty that, soon enough, this planet, all life upon it, will become a lifeless rock floating in space, that the universe itself will wind down, why would any of us get out of bed unless we were hungry? Even with my unique perspective, that I am the most important element in the universe, I struggle to rise some mornings. Alright, most mornings.

The latest information about our universe is that the prefix uni no longer applies, that our universe is one of many, part of a multiverse. Humans just became even smaller. I'm struggling to imagine myself as the most important element of a multiverse, but the news is still fresh, I'll get my head around it. 

So how has this new perspective affected our lives? It seems most people didn't really notice this news. I fully understand, there was some pretty terrific sport on television that weekend, and that celebrity got divorced, or cheated, or something. Some dedicated science fiction nerds had a very good day. A handful of professional philosophers saw a lifetime of work disappearing in a puff of cosmic smoke, which seems apt. 

The next day the media news was the same as the last, the topics of conversation in the bars were the same, the public adored photographs of cats and watched cop shows where the bad guy got caught. It seems not a single mind was blown. The whole concept of ours being part of a multiverse, that one day we may find a way to communicate with other realities, was largely ignored as trivia. 

G. K. Chesterton said something about there not being a lack of wonders, rather a lack of wonder. In one moment our reality changed. We once lived on a flat earth, we are accustomed to altering our understanding, yet we resist doing so. We just don't want to know. 

It is like someone switched Adams' perspective machine on reverse, so all we see is our own individual importance. Our perspective is getting narrower, not wider. Not even a multiverse can shake us.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The bewildered, 
The ones who aren't susceptible
To the sound and light 
Those who wander,
What the hell is going on
With these people?
Are the ones
To watch.