Monday, November 23, 2015

I May Contribute A Verse

After years of holding firm views about politics, religion, any number of things, I'm letting it all go. The only positive thing I can do in this world, with what's left of my life, is create something beautiful. Something beautiful that isn't aligned to any culture, any way of thinking. Music is my way of creating beauty. What's yours?

Beauty is the only universal truth, and the powerful play goes on and I may contribute a verse.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Oh, And Another Change

The other change I've made to this blog is my brand of English. I've moved to US English. 

Why? Because the vast majority of the readers of this blog are American, the least I can do is speak the local language. There's also the fact that nearly all the sales of my last two albums were to Americans, I certainly appreciate that form of support.

I visit the United States every year, for a month or so. There I find a genuine interest in live music, and encouragement, a positive reaction to myself and my music. It's bloody marvelous, I look forward to it each year, carry it with me for the year after. I see my future landing me somewhere on the West Coast, to live, at least for a few years, all I have to do is land the correct working visa first. The best way to do this is to land some commercial success, most likely by selling some tunes for soundtrack to the movie, television and games businesses. I'm working to that end, any ideas on how to achieve this will be most welcome. 

Occasionally I'll feel I've lost some color and flavor from my colour and flavour, but I'll get used to it.



Why The Change?

Some regular readers of this blog may be wondering why I've decided to change the content. 

In the past I've posted a wide range of light comedy, angry rants and bum poetry, I think we'll all agree that there is no shortage of all those things on the internet, we don't require more from me. We certainly don't need more angry rants. 

I am angry about a number of things, but writing about them doesn't change them, if anything it increases the amount of anger in the world when I upset those who disagree with me. I'm thinking the best thing I can do is pursue an expression of love through music, increase happy feelings instead of angry ones. I'll be jotting down notes about this pursuit as it goes along. There's a fair chance it will include some light comedy and bum poetry, I am what I am.

Some of you may cease reading, and fair enough. It may come as a relief to others. I guess we'll see as the new style begins.



Monday, November 16, 2015

Flute Wandering

After many, many years of musical wandering I've finally decided that playing flute is the thing I do best. It feels natural, the instrument that feels like home. 

Today I begin the long haul of practise to return to my best. This means seeking a new home, one with distant neighbours, possibly in a new city. Interesting times.

Playing flute is a little like speaking fluent Latin. People are impressed, but what practical use is it? After years of being discouraged by the lack of interest in flute music I've decided it's up to me to create that interest.

At forty eight years of age I feel it's time to put years of experience to work. The years of wandering were not in vain, I've learned much. Now is the time to apply that knowledge. 

I'll keep notes of how it all comes along, hopefully some interesting tales of gigs and recordings and travels will ensue.



Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terrorism Victim Blaming

Those who would blame the French for being the victims of terrorist attacks are as sick and perverted as those who would blame a woman for being raped. The alienation of young Islamic men theory is nonsense. Every young man feels alienated at some stage, only those who have had their heads filled with insane religious drivel from birth convert that alienation into barbaric violence, everyone else grows out of it. If you feel the need to blame anyone or anything, blame Islam.



Green Beans Unrequited

You remember a time when you were a kid, your mother was a little flustered cooking dinner, she boiled the green beans a little too long, then forgot to drain them, then let them go a little cold, so they were mushy and a little bitter and squeaked between your teeth when you ate them, but your father was giving you that look, so you just had to chew them up, squashed in with some mashed potato, then many years later, you told a girl that you loved her, and she returned a sympathetic smile, then she asked you what you were thinking about and you replied, "green beans", and she thought you were being a little bitter and having a joke at her expense, but the sensation in your mouth was exactly the same and there was no way to explain and you never saw her again, and you had to chew it up, eased down with some liquor, because your father's eyes taught you that's what you do.



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Celebrity God, Very Short Science Fiction #26

All the major religions of the past decided that people needed to live by the morality code that coincided with the invention of the religion. When the New Messiah arrived in 2025, well, you can imagine. A culture that was just emerging from Bronze Age morality, but had nothing solid to replace it with, suddenly had to create a new morality code out of the people of the times. That's why the New Messiah is often portrayed as a self obsessed moron who used fame as her method to spread her message of self love.